Jim Hull is an artist who is interested in sharing his various passions as depicted in his watercolor paintings. He is an amateur astronomer who is interested in promoting a new more active approach to space exploration. Jim hopes that his paintings of space will help to rekindle a new and more vital interest in this area.

Golf has always been a passion of his. He plays every week and many of his trips are planned around golf. Having traveled to, and played most of the great links courses of Scotland and Ireland he continues to paint them to reflect his love for links style golf.

His other favorite golf venues are California, Arizona and Hawaii. Many of his landscape paintings portray hikers in the mountains. He combines this image many times with the idea of the Pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage has always fascinated him as the counterpart of the physical journey being depicted in many of his landscape paintings. The water and boats have long been a subject of interest to him. He was fortunate to live near the water for most of his life.

Jim attended the United States Naval Academy where he learned to sail and is an avid angler. The cities, towns and villages paintings are from his annual trips with his wife Ellie. They both share a passion for travel, golf and the cultures and history of other lands. He credits her as his inspiration for all that he does.

As an artist Jim has studied with various water color artists. Most importantly he gives credit for a great deal of his artistic training and development to Duane Light who he studied with for a number of years.

Jim believes that the technical skills and processes are only important as respects their capacity to allow the artist to “tell the story”. Technical prowess on its own is as meaningless as the special effects in a modern movie if they do not tell a great story. It is the power of the story that carries the day and creates “forever paintings”.